Our Values

Our Core Values

We don’t do everything. But what we do, we do best. We are focused. We are professionals. We would rather pass on a project than deliver a mediocre product. We would never hire a mediocre employee, even if it results in a shortage of labor.
We move fast. Really fast. It allows us to progress and grow quickly. It allows us to be efficient. It gives us time to think and be creative. We shy away from bureaucracy, formality, and complexity. Our speed does not come at the expense of quality.
Each problem has its own characteristics. We solve each problem separately. We don’t believe there is one methodology that solves all problems. We acknowledge the danger of conception.
Passion for learning
We don’t know everything, but we really love to learn. And we learn fast — as individuals and as a team. We would rather do things we haven't done yet. We like solving hard problems. We believe that the best way to learn is to teach others. We are teaching all the time — ourselves and our clients.
Our skills and capabilities are our assets. The lines of code and the documents we write are our deliverables. We keep our assets and spread our deliverables. We are a part of the open-source movement. We contribute to the open-source community and enjoy its benefits.
Bias for action
We are proactive. When something seems important, when we recognize an unleashed potential, we act on it. Even if the market or our clients (still) didn’t realize they need it. We’d rather take a calculated risk and find out that we are wrong than refrain from change and innovations. We embrace and drive change. We are not emotionally invested in mistakes.
Our clients are our partners. We help them succeed. We are willing to take risks for their success. We consider their constraints. We are honest, fair, and transparent with them. We believe in ourselves and recognize our value. But we are not arrogant. We have something to learn from every person and every organization. Even if we are sometimes more experienced than our clients and partners — and even if that is exactly the reason they hired us — we approach each task with the utmost humility.
Our company is free of non-relevant considerations. We do not engage in gossip, divisiveness, office politics, or corporate intrigue. The person most qualified for the position will be promoted. We solve problems, we do not create them or wait around for solutions. We separate and balance work and private life. On the one hand, we make sure to keep work in the office and during office hours; On the other hand, our working time is precious and devoted entirely, diligently, to work. Our work environment is pleasant and friendly, but we reject social conformity. At Webiks, you are welcome to be who you are.
More with less
Money — ours and our clients’ — is precious to us. We spend it wisely. We're frugal. We achieve more with less.
Continuous improvement
We believe we can always improve and always need to improve. Each and every one of us has an inner drive to achieve their own full potential and to help others achieve their full potential. Every event is an opportunity for us to improve and learn. The feedback loop is our way of life. We constantly provide and accept feedback. We know how to handle criticism. We are thirsty for criticism.