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We only do what we do best, build powerful data-driven intelligent apps.

Why work with us?


Webiks is all about the people of Webiks. We have an amazing team of software engineers, data scientists, and product designers, all of who are passionate about data and about creating the greatest value-adding technology for our clients. We are a humble team. We acknowledge the fact that we don’t own the world’s wisdom. We are curious and eager to learn from our clients and partners.


We only do what we do best. That’s not only a slogan, that’s our day-to-day mantra. Software consultancies usually need to decide – to either aim wide or aim deep. We choose the latter. That’s why we solely focus on data-driven apps and only take on projects that are data-rich and data-focused, be it a data analysis app, a real-time situational awareness system, or a processing pipeline. This focus yields very high standards and great domain proficiency.

One stop shop

Webiks provides its clients with a “full-kit” solution. We can take responsibility for the entire cycle of a project — from requirement analysis through UX and UI design, product and project management, front-end development, server-side development, machine learning model training, QA, integrations, DevOps, and usability testing. Being a one-stop-shop focused on data-driven apps takes the hassle away from our clients who otherwise need to engage separately with different consultancies and agencies.


The fuel of modern technological innovation is the open-source movement. The rapidly growing open-source software ecosystem challenges traditional closed proprietary solutions. Standing on the shoulders of the open-source giants, we build custom, value-adding software products, for a fraction of the budgets of closed proprietary alternatives. From day one, Webiks was deeply committed to the open-source movement. We use open source, contribute to open-source libraries maintained by others, and publish whatever projects we can as open-source software. Choosing Webiks is choosing open source, and we believe that choosing open source is choosing a win-win game. It adds value to our clients, to ourselves, and to the entire world.
Examples: AnSyn, an open-source platform for geospatial data analysis we have published. Force horse, an open-source library for graph visualization we are maintaining.  WebBEAST, our web development course materials are entirely open source. 

Flexible pricing models

Be it turnkey projects, managed services, or R&D staff augmentation, consultancies usually prefer the “time and materials” pricing method. According to this method, the vendor works on a project and bills the client for every hour worked. While this is a flexible and hassle-free model, the client hardly ever knows in advance what their budget will eventually get them. As the client is taking on all of the financial risk, the vendor has no real incentive to be efficient nor to monitor budget. 
We at Webiks usually prefer the “fixed price” pricing method. Together with the client, we set the requirements and agree upon the price upfront, providing our clients with a clear and early understanding of the project’s scope and cost. Fixing the price doesn’t eliminate agility — we rapidly build trust with our clients, allowing us to coordinate order adjustments whenever necessary. 

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