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Data Application Engineer - NLP Team

As a Data Application Engineer you will join a team developing and delivering Natural Language Processing models and capabilities for Hebrew and Arabic as part of the Israeli national NLP program.

This position requires:

  • Develop, optimize and maintain software packages for NLP - for large scale usage in the private and public sectors.
  • Manage several open source repositories, collaborate with the development community (Pull Requests, user guides, demos, etc.).
  • Create pipelines for collecting, processing, cleaning and analyzing natural language datasets (tagged and untagged) for researchers and developers.


  • Relevant academic degree from the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Science or other scientific/engineering disciplines (Bsc with relevant industry experience).
  • Desire to learn and enter into the fascinating world of NLP.
  • Knowledge of modern software development methodologies and architectures.
  • Experience writing code in Python and JavaScript.
  • Experience participating in large-scale open-source development projects (proven contribution) - a must.
  • Desire to take part in a national project that will serve the citizens of Israel in the field of NLP.