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Junior Data Scientist

Who are we

Our mission at Webiks is to create powerful, data-driven applications and models that help our clients innovate and grow. We build custom software and custom models for clients from multiple industries, including Defense, Security, Health, and Automotive. We think long-term. Forming long-lasting strong relationships and partnerships with our clients is at the core of our strategy.

Who you are?

As a Junior Data Scientist, you will have an important role in our Data Science and AI team. You are a Data enthusiast, with knowledge in both deep learning and classical algorithms. You are familiar with classification, regression, clustering and other common data science tasks. You understand that, sometimes, good old ML modeling is essential, and you enjoy combining them with end-to-end DL approaches.

What’s this job about?

  • Prepare and execute Kaggle-style machine learning competitions, such as the MAFAT Challenge, operated by Webiks Data Science teams.
  • Design, develop and train state-of-the-art ML models. All the way from rapid prototyping to production-ready models.
  • Collaborate with engineers in our data-science, full-stack software development and product-management teams - to implement value-adding solutions.
  • Evaluate your results and improve your solutions based on business metrics and scientific train-val-test methodologies.
  • Explore innovative techniques, such as active-learning, self-supervised learning and generative models, and evaluate their usability to our use-cases.
  • Execute data oriented projects, including understanding the requirements and goals, set the criteria, data exploration, model selection, training, and evaluation, all the way to full-scale implementation and integration.
  • Maintain a highly cross-disciplinary perspective, solving issues by applying approaches and methods from across a variety of Data Science disciplines and related fields.



  • You flourish when you are surrounded by talented, sharp-minded people.
  • You are a great communicator. You write, you talk, you appear, you communicate.
  • You are open. You understand that the only reason you have reached so far is that you were able to stand on the shoulders of giants. You truly believe the principles of the open movement - Open Source, Open Data & Open Innovation.
  • You are a (Kaggle) competitor.


  • Technical understanding of Classical Machine learning and Deep Learning.
  • B.Sc. degree graduate with relevant courses in ML, DL.
  • 0-2 years of hands-on experience in ML.
  • Proficient in Python.
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks and libraries (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras).
  • You are comfortable at reading academic papers and reproducing their results.

Please attach to your email links to at any of the followings:

  • A technical blogpost you have written (English or Hebrew).
  • A lecture/presentation you gave in a meetup/course/conference.
  • A Kaggle competition you have participated in and scored well.
  • An open-source project you have contributed to.
  • A Jupyter / Colab notebook you have published.