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Junior Full-Stack Developer

Who are we?

Our mission at Webiks is to create powerful, data-driven applications and models that help our clients innovate and grow.

What will you do:

Are you enthusiastic and have a real passion for learning the development of complex web apps, open source, data and cloud technologies? Are you open - minded, highly motivated, and have the ability to learn a lot of diverse technologies in a short time? Join us and be a part of our great team.


  • No software development experience required.
  • Objective evidence for outstanding performance and achievements in any field whatsoever (school honors, tennis trophies, etc.
  • Passion for the web, open source, and data.
  • Autodidactism.
  • Willingness to work harder than everyone else and show rapid improvement.

To complete the job application process, please answer the following form (in addition to your CV): https://forms.gle/uqQQTrH6kNE8H6fP6 .

The job is not a hybrid